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What Makes Us Better

Larry Marchionda explains the unique advantages that LDR Ear guard XP headgear brings to the table.

Concussion and Your Eligibility

Shane and Larry discuss the rules and ramifications of concussions in the sport of wrestling. Careers can end abruptly if nothing is done to preventing head injuries. It's important that the wrestling communities and families that support it understand how this can effect them.

Protect Your Ears and Whats Between

Shane Sparks interviews Larry Marchionda about the importance of concussion prevention and how it can effect your wrestling careers.

How Did LDR Begin?

Shane and Larry speak about his reasons for getting into the protective headgear business. Being a part of wrestling over the years, he has realized the growing need for preventing cauliflower ear, concussions, and health issues later on in life.

About Leader Headgear

Here's some inside information about our company, staff, and expertise in the wrestling world.

LDR with Dan Gable

Larry and Dan talk about the wrestling world and the importance of safety.

Nazar Tries Ear-guard XP

Nazar shows us his preference in wrestling gear.

LDR Interviews

Some interviews and insights about LDR equipment and wrestling safety.

Nazar Testimonial

Nazar tells Shane about his experience with the equipment, how it fits, it's ease of use, and the importance of taking precautions in preventing head injury.