Wrestling Headgear, LDR UNIVERSAL PAD (Black, White & Gold)

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LDR Universal Front Pad-Keep your present headgear but Protect yourself.

Engineered as an "add-on" for all 4 strap wrestling headgear. Designed to attach on the front and rear of all 4 strap brands on the market.

EARGUARD XP - Adult Black 3 Piece
  • Approved for Youth, High School, and University Wrestling
  • Universal Pad not just "ear-gear" it mitigates head impact to the user and opponent.
  • More head impact reduction by protecting temporal and cranium areas.
  • Exclusive “ConTek” patented material absorbs head Impact.
  • Excellent shock absorption and abrasion-resistant material.
  • Decrease anterior and posterior head impact to reduce injury.
  • Flyweight protection with durability and excellent ventilation.
  • Washing Machine friendly.
  • “ConTek” padding Passed Major League Baseball’s  “Head Impact Test.”
  • "ConTek” passed the American Standard (ASTM) Mat impact testing.
Exclusive/patented  “ConTek” material is a cross-linked polymer. We have a specialized formulation that features excellent shock absorption, waterproofing, abrasion resistance, comfortable, and very lightweight.  Mitigate Head Injuries!